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Best Removal and storage services in Brisbane

Removal and storage services

COVID-19 has a profound impact on how our society functions and we’ve had to alter the way we do things ourselves. Moving and storage are essential services which mean they can be carried out within the regulations provided by the government. The House removal is still available along with a storage facility for your belongings. If you’re moving your house and placing some furniture in storage to create the space for working at home, it can be done with assurance. The way we live our lives has changed, and we must adapt. Local Cheap Brisbane Movers will assist you with the same stress-free service that we always offer.

Health and Safety

To ensure everyone is healthy and safe, we make sure that our team members wear masks and gloves every time as well as use hand sanitizer frequently, and keep an appropriate distance from each other throughout the day.

Australian Government Restrictions

The Australian government has declared removalists are exempt from many of the travel restrictions and quarantine regulations that were established. However, we must be aware that changes could and do take place. Some restrictions could apply to your family and you and you’ll be required to comply with them.

A Must-Have Service with a simple storage solution

Local Cheap Brisbane Movers services remain easy and simple to utilize. Despite the outbreak, we are still in a position to store and transport your belongings across Australia.

Our storage services:

1. Making a comprehensive list of items
2. The wrapping of your items.
3. Securely packing your boxes
4. The boxes you need to collect from any part of Australia
5. Storage of your boxes and possessions safely
6. Retrieving your belongings after you’re ready to get part or all of it back