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Moving Plants Guide For Stress-Free Move.

Moving Plants Guide For Stress-Free Move.

Moving house requires a good amount of preparation and planning. Every item of your residence, like furniture, electronics, clothes and decoration, must be packed and secured in various ways, and moving plants is no exception!

Moving plants, in fact, can be more difficult than packing up old books because they are more fragile and require more attention. Moving day should be a stress-free experience if you carefully follow these suggestions on how to carry plants. 

Start preparation for moving plants

This is the time to re-pot your plants from vases and containers into plastic containers. This makes them lighter and ensures that if goods are nudged, the containers will not break like regular pottery.

Trimming your plants will help them look cleaner and leaner by removing dead flowers, leaves, and limbs. This will make them easier to transport and limit the amount of trash and mess that will undoubtedly fall during the journey.

There isn’t much time left! This is the time to inspect your plants for parasites or insects to ensure they don’t come along for the trip. You can apply insecticides if it is safe to do so, but keep in mind that you may not be permitted to bring the pesticide itself across state boundaries. It is best to read all the instructions before using the pesticides. 

Water your plants as usual. It may be tempting to overwater them to keep them safe, but this could end up causing them harm through drowning. Furthermore, if the voyage is long, too much water may freeze in cold weather or even grow a fungus in hot conditions.

Take Care Of Wrapping, Positioning, Packing etc.

You’ll want to allow branches and leave some breathing room . You could try wrapping them loosely in tissue paper or an old bedsheet.

Place each of your plant pots in a box so that they fit securely at the bottom and don’t have too much space to move around. Any box will work as long as there is adequate room for the branches.

When transferring plants, a helpful idea is to wrap plenty of paper over the base of the plant pot once it has been placed in the box. This limits the amount of movement and keeps everything in place. Make a couple holes in the box as well if possible.

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