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Some tips for easy contactless move.

Some tips for easy contactless move.

The entire planet is in a slumber. Covid-19 has gone insane, and we have no choice except to isolate ourselves.  Even something as simple as obtaining groceries from your local supermarket might put your health at risk from the infection. Moving to a new site in this situation is a nightmare, especially with the help of the moving crew. What’s the answer? “Contactless” is an idea.

We’ve quickly transitioned to an attitude that we’d do everything to keep you safe since the nightmare that Covid-19 unleashed. Moving without touching is a step in the right way. Here are some suggestions  for contactless during the pandemic.

Precautions to take before and during the relocation

Sanitize your door knobs/handles, your packaged possessions, and other items in the house that will be handled by the movers before they arrive to prevent viral transmission. Ensure the safety of the crew, even if it requires wearing masks and gloves, because the task cannot be completed without the movers arriving at your home. Leave the main entrance open and avoid going inside the rooms where the parcels are stored. You should avoid any direct touch wherever possible.

Wrap and Organize

Pack autonomously. Having a removalist come and pack your stuff may seem like a good idea, but it is not a wise decision right now. It will reduce the amount of objects that you and the removalist employees touch repeatedly.

Online Booking and Payment

To avoid dealing with cash, just make electronic payments. The virus spreads as a result of such interactions. Also, avoid using cards. Cards can also transmit the virus since they interchange at least two pairs of hands at a time and many hands utilize the point of sale equipment at various times.

Make all payments using online transactions (online banking or mobile wallets). Choose online booking, which provides all options and features without requiring any human interaction.

Sanitization Is Must 

All of the packages must be sanitized before being opened and moved into your new home. This gives you more assurance regarding your safety. All of our equipment is sanitized before it is used for you at Local Cheap Brisbane Movers. That also means that after we’ve dropped off your goods at the location, we’ll sanitize everything.

We understand that none of us were prepared for this. This is exactly why, as a service, we place a focus on cleanliness and safety protocols. That circle of safety, however, will only be complete when you assist us with your preventative steps. If you’re moving, we can help you prepare for a safe and contactless transition, and we’re only a phone call away.